Sunday, February 23, 2014

A year on the road..

So its been a year.  A year of the unknown.  A year of challenges.  A year of ups and downs.  But mostly a year of true happiness. Happiness I did not know could exist.  From the beginning when you were put into my arms, I knew my life would NEVER be the same.  I just did not know that it would be this good.

We have so much to learn together.  We all have so much to teach you.  But you have already taught us so much.  There is not a human being that meets you that is not drawn to you.  You are a TRUE gift from God.

Each milestone you reach is more than a big deal!  When you wave bye bye --you light up the room.  When you transition from seated to "crawling" or "scooting" we cannot get enough.  You learn something new each day and we as a family are teaching you all the neat things we take for granted.

I cannot believe that there are people around this world that think that you will suffer.  I can see it in your eyes that you enjoy every aspect of life.  You are not suffering when you laugh from your belly.  You are not suffering when you squeal with delight.  You are not suffering when you enjoy every last little bit of collared greens.  Yes you like collard greens!!  Suffering is not going to be in your vocabulary.

The friends we have made because of you are unreal.  A true group of "happy" people.  Nothing seems to bother many of the families that we have met.  I think that you Chambers will show us that the little things in life truly matter.  It doesn't matter what car you drive, what clothes you wear, what club you belong to, or many of the other things that get so many people wrapped up in life.  What truly matters is the happiness that we are lucky to experience each day.  So many times it escapes us. We let our minds get wrapped up in the what if's and how comes--but what really matters is the NOW.

I wish that more people were stronger to take this journey.  This has been one easy year.  Sure we have experienced some challenges--mostly time management with the big kids---but most we have fallen in love with the existence of you.  You have created such a strong gathering--a true inspiration of human kind.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us and for all of our friends and family!

Chambers, thanks for letting me be your mommy.  I thank God each day that you were placed in our family.  We are lucky to have you as the missing piece and you were one perfect surprise!!

A smile goes a long way....

I can't even tell you how long its been since the last time I actually sat down to write.  It is something I must do to remember my thoughts and my feelings.   It's a great way to highlight my changes--not just me but in all the people around me.

As I look back on the past three months--I see great change.  I see an anniversary go by--February 9--the moment I found out my life would forever change.  My feelings about that anniversary or so different than they were in the moment.  Then I felt worried and unsure.  Today I feel excited about what the future holds.  I feel lucky that God has given my family the honor to have Chambers be a part of our lives.  I am excited to share my thoughts with others that get to embark on this journey. I almost feel giddy when someone tells me a new baby was born.

I know that the fears and thoughts of the new parents are what we felt.  I also know that in a few months time they will be joyous of the luck they have been given.

I also look back on the changes in my children.  I see Gram becoming compassionate and loving.  Understanding that his baby sister will have challenges, but knowing that he will do anything to help her succeed.  He has become an amazing child.  I love to just sit and talk with him.  He has become a protector and has grown in so many ways.  I am one proud mama!

Eliza has become my sort of "free" therapy to Chambers. Everything I learn at The Bell Center she in turn teaches Chambers and helps her reach her goals.  She has a lot of growing to do--but as they grow together the bond is going to be amazing!

There are so many events to list that have entered our lives since I last posted. I don't know where to begin.  I need to be better of keeping my blog up to date--but life just happens.  I love to be able to look back and see where my thoughts were in the past. Its amazing to see how much I have grown.  I have learned one good thing over this past two years. I have learned that a smile goes a long way. I tried not to take it off.  Its hard when you get to see a smile greeting you every morning. Chambers has passed on her smile to me.  If everyone we come in contact can remember to pass a smile onto a friend, neighbor, or someone you don't know it would create a thousand positive reactions.

Try to smile when you least want to do it.  Encounter negativity and stop it with a smile--it works and your day will be so much better for it!

Just a collage of the many events that have happened since I wrote last!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Baking for The Bell Center

Just a short post to show the wonderful support of a community that comes together for a cause!

I am in amazement of the children, the teachers, friends, neighbors, and the media that came out to bring awareness for The Bell Center!!  KUDOS to all involved--a true pay it forward moment!