Friday, May 4, 2012

Baseball, softball, and other things I have grown to LOVE!

I never thought I would become one of those moms! However, I have come to love baseball so much this season.  We have such an awesome team of parents, children, and coaches.  It doesn't hurt that your team is #1..we have only been beat by one team.  It truly makes for an incredible season and for incredible passion for the game.  This is only eight year old baseball..but in Vestavia...there is nothing like it!

I see the passion in the players.  The tears when a batting streak goes bad.  The cheering from the dugout when we are one run behind.  The anticipation of each player as the call goes good or bad!  I see the dedication in coaches.  The encouraging words to get them motivated to hit it hard.  The intensity of each base coach as the players round the bases to score a run.  The direction toward each child to be "baseball ready".  I see the excitement in the parents.  The nail bitting as there are two outs and your child is up to bat.  The need for your child to score that winning run.  The fear that your child is not "baseball ready".

It has all brought me into LOVING the game. I don't understand much about it..and have to listen to hear the rules.  However, this season has been so much of a learning experience.  I have learned that we have a really awesome group of parents.  We are fair and support our sons and the sons of others.  We are competitive but with passion not with need.  If that makes sense. The group is awesome--and I am so glad that I have gotten to know these wonderful people.

The children are incredible as well.  These are boys that I strive for my son to be exposed to at all times.  They listen, they are respectful, and they are encouraging!  This has to be one of the best seasons of baseball that we have had.

My little catcher

Jay Faulkner hitting it hard

Jack Poole run like the wind

Slugger Joseph Brown

Coach Scott getting them focused

Shaking hands on a win!

Softball is a new experience for me.  I never thought Eliza would LOVE it as much as she did!!  Even though we only tied once--and lost the rest--she could not have cared less.  She really learned a lot with skills and following directions.  I am super proud of her growth as a team player during this amazing sport.  I only wish we could have evaluated for All Stars--our summer is going to be busy-and there is not telling when baby sister will get her--so All Stars for both will be put on hold!

She is ready

Having a good time!

A strike but she has more to go!

Hopefully about to hit!

Eliza in action!
Both of my kids chose to be #9...their dad's number when he was little.  They also claim that number to Drew Brees!!

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