Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Being cautious....

Gram gets a whole post today.  What I must do for one child I must do for the other.  He is my first born.  He is the essence of the first born child.  Cautious, careful, full of fear, afraid he will get in trouble for anything.  Our personalities are way too similar.  I see so much of me in him---probably why we butt heads all the time.

The qualities in him that I do see are amazing.  He gets it naturally, but I do want him to go beyond the fears and experience life.  He is a creative child--when he wants to be.  He is a sports driven child--when he wants to be. He is willing to try many things--when he wants to try.  I want him to go beyond my personalities and live.

I know he will come into his own--and honestly already has developing personality traits that are unlike mine.  He has so much living to do to find what fits for him.  Boys are so much different than girls--they grow differently, develop differently, feel differently, and think differently.  To have one is to see why our husbands behave like they do--and why they are always boys.

To look at old pictures of Gram is to see his personality coming through.  I enjoy watching him change everyday.  I like to see new sides of him that I didn't know existed.  I am interested to see where he will be in 10 years--when I send him off to college.  Right now he is planning on going to UAB or Samford so he can live with mommy and daddy--and I love that!  But in a few years--who knows. I can embrace the fact that he wants to be close to us now--and love the fact that he still wants to snuggle.  The fact that in his autobiography at school his prize possession was his "boppy" (the thing he sleeps with) brings comfort to my heart.

He is my first born--he will always be my comfort and my security.  Full of fear or not I just want him to love what he does and have the passion for what ever road he chooses to take.

Just a few pictures to show Gram in his element--what he LOVES to do!!

Love of baseball..he is number 9--I used this one before but it shows so much passion!!

Love of dinosaurs started early..

at the zoo

hamming it up before school

love of sister

fearful of the birds

love of the beach of sister

love of the superhero.

love of the outdoors and the beach..

love of the hula hoop

hamming it up at 4k graduation

love of fishing..

love of Pluto???

loves to dance...the worm

loves his friends

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