Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Punch Bug Fund

Ok--so my family plays this fun game while in the car..Punch Bug.  Every time we see a punch bug, old or new, we claim it.  Right now I am not sure who is in the lead, but its a pretty close race.  It becomes a diversion of sorts on long trips or drives around Birmingham.  Its a great way to get the kids from arguing in the car.  It is also a wonderful way to create a healthy competition between Ingram and me.  Whenever one of us calls a Punch Bug it is a true sign of accomplishment!

This week we went to the pediatric cardiologist.  Chambers has what is called an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD).  What is it?  A small opening or hole in the wall between the two heart's upper chambers.  Funny that her name is Chambers right?  Our cardiologist LOVED that!!  

Anyway, can it be repaired?  Yes!  From sometime in her first six years of life she will undergo surgery to "patch" the spot that is defected.  Its not as serious as it sounds, but any type of surgery is serious.  So a set back in what I thought was going to be a normal beginning..well normal for Chambers.  Will she be fine?  Yes!  The doctor said that it will not hold her back from beginning anything or doing anything that we had planned in the early beginning--like say early intervention.  My hope, it will repair itself.  Do we need prayers right now?  Yes!  A diversion? Yes!  That is where the Punch Bug Fund comes in to play.

My dream or my goal for our family:  to create a fund to buy a 78-79 convertible Beetle!!  We can do this--it will be sort of like our game--except every time we go into the garage we will get to start our day saying, "PUNCH BUG!"  And in the that case--everyone wins!!

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