Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What a change of emotions

Things are much different now as I am heading into the third trimester.  Yes I am almost there!  I don't know if my emotions are scared because its a new baby or scared because its a new baby!

Things are perfect now--easy---well most of the time.  My children have their current six and eight year old moments, but most of the time I feel like I am heading in the right direction.

 There is my outlet the gym.  I teach many classes and LOVE it!  I wonder how that will change or if it will have to change.  This is my time and I hope and pray that selfishly I won't have to change a thing.  Its so awesome to get paid for what you love!  I do love it!  The members, the music, the time away, and the many close friends that I have created.  Nothing beats your gym friends.  They have become my best friends for sure! I confide in them and share with them.  Each of them has gone down this road with me and will continue to take turns and help guide me in the right direction.  It is truly my friends that have made this transition and beginning of my journey manageable.  They have helped me to keep my emotions in check and let me know that everything will be ok!

I remember on a night when doom and gloom was entering my brain crying to a friend through text--yes text--but that is how we talk for hours.  Crying about my future or Chambers' future.  Will she go to college, will she have boyfriends, will she hold a job--her response, "Tracy, my father thinks the same thing about my 25 year old sister and she is NOT even special needs!"  That was my turn around.  I don't know if she knows that or not, but it really helped me put things in perspective.  We never know what our children will be doing in 20 years.  We only hope for the best and that our guidance and nurturing will lead them on the right path.

Rebecca's Birthday! 
My Birthday with Ingram 
Quarterly RPM!

Body Flow girls!

Nan and me

Shannon and me

Alicia and me UGA vs. Auburn

So to close for today or for the next few weeks...I am happy and calm in the fact that my life will be enriched by this sweet little life.  To hold her and to see her is going to make everything very real.  There are going to be challenges that we will have to face.  But as a family and with a strong group of friends that we have developed we will get through this and only become stronger!

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