Sunday, April 22, 2012

Being Brave...

So tonight I decided to be brave.  We tell our kids to be brave all the time.  I catch myself telling my son all the time, "Just go into the bathroom and turn on the lights yourself!"  Being the first child I think he remains cautious at about most everything.  He hesitates in baseball--making sure he does the right thing.  He hesitates in timed math tests--thinking everything through.  He and I need to go on a retreat hosted by my daughter and my husband.

She is really brave and has NO fear.  That is where I should become more like her--be brave or fearless.  She really shows great signs of having no fear.  She doesn't have fear when she gets dressed.  She shows no fear when approaching people.  Her everyday behavior is amazing--she knows she will succeed and is very confident.

So today and it has taken me many days to do this...I am going to be brave.  I know that putting myself out there may not seem brave to anyone else, but to me it is.  It is a moment I am sharing with friends and family what our future holds.  I however really don't know what our future will hold...heck no one really does.  However, we do know that we will have challenges. We have 11 weeks to enjoy our party of four and after that our new little growing family will be upon us.

We will have sleepless nights, late night feedings, and lots and lots of diapers.  I hope I remember how to change a diaper.  We also will have each other.  I am sure the definition of BRAVE has not even enter my dictionary.  Things are going to be different, but they are with any new addition to your family.

I am looking for the next several weeks as a time to embrace what we have and the weeks after to embrace what will be given to us!  So for the next several weeks--I vow to take on the braveness of Eliza and wear what I want to wear--well what will fit--be who I want to be --and live as though I want to live.

Thanks for Eliza bringing braveness into my vocabulary!!

Eliza will try any food

Eliza will wear anything

Eliza will interrupt a man to give him a kiss

Eliza is not scared to be silly

Eliza is strong like a superhero!

Eliza is not scared to cheer for another team!

Eliza is not scared to get in well water!

Happy anytime

Not afraid to upstage her brother

Taking a leap of faith

On the top of the world!

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