Friday, July 20, 2012

Coming home take one...

We walked into the NICU and were told that we were coming home the next day.  Filled with emotions we decided the kids would stay with friends and Ingram and I would sleep up in a family room at St. Vincent's.  All was good.  We cozied into the room--were told directions of our perfect baby and had an excellent night.  Temperature perfect, eating perfect, diapers perfect (well diapers diapers).

We discharge from the hospital following every direction that the nurse gives us.  When to give medicine, when to feed, how to swaddle, what signs to look for as we go home.  We have this--we are the parents of three children--we have done this before.

Eliza's first meeting



Is this how I hold her?

Gram telling her he loves her
The children had not a clue that their little sister was coming home.  To see their faces was priceless.  I cannot tell you how special it was to witness immediate LOVE.  I captured a few pictures, I cried a few times, and I felt a bit nervous as they got a little to close.

But as the day goes on the temperature goes down. As you can see in these pictures her coloring looks a bit off.  Is it the bilirubin? Is it her heart? Is it her temperature?  Well we call and they tell us to come back in to the hospital.  We readmit and she spends the night.

Our hope is for her to maintain the 97.9-98.6 for 24 hours.  We have raised the temperature in our house.  We now really know how to swaddle.  For our kids, its not going to be so much fun to watch her do three things: sleep, eat, and poop. But for us, it will be reassuring to keep her bundled and keep her well.

I have said this many times--give me three months and a heart surgery and I will be more relaxed!!  Get her fixed--a true blessing from God.  Lets hope take two tomorrow goes well!!

sweetest angel

mailbox bow

My sweet neighbor decorated for us

Butterfly kisses

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