Tuesday, August 14, 2012

As one stage ends another begins..

I have thought about how many people are at different stages in their lives lately.  Many have children that are leaving for college.  Many have children that are entering kindergarten, middle school, or high school.  Some are getting married and yet some are getting divorced. Our stage is three fold--we have a new life in our family and yet we have easy transitions of first grade and third grade.  Not much going on in the Thornton's house--but we get to get used to our new normal.

I stayed awake last night thinking about my sweet friend who has a big transition ahead of her.  Her oldest is boarding at  his high school.  Although its not far away from home, he is still spending the night away every night.  She is typically the ROCK for all of us.  The one we go to for advice, for help, and for a glass of wine.  She is taking on this transition of course with a solid outlook--no doom no gloom.  However, her comment the other night struck me and brought tears to my eyes.  She said, "I am not upset, but I know he will never live back at home."

I have thought about this for days.  How much time do we have with our children?  It goes by so fast --in a blink of an eye one month has gone by and Chambers is already sort of smiling.  Eight years have gone by and Gram is wearing 10/12 underwear!  Six years has gone by and Eliza is locking her doors and listening to 99.5--and singing all the words!

My point of this blog is not to wish away the summer days--although an extended school start has made me wonder! However, embrace all the time that we have with our precious children.  Fill their suitcases with wonderful memories to take away with them.  Because if my calculations are correct, I only have 10 years until my first one packs up and takes his with him.  If those 10 years go by as fast as these last eight..it will be done before I know it!

Gram the dinosaur
Eliza the model

Gram at eight
Eliza at six
Happy Birthday
Chambers at one month

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