Sunday, February 3, 2013

Proud of my little buddy...

Ok so a proud mama moment...maybe what I have been saying has been getting into my sweet son's head.  I haven't been preaching or talking about Down Syndrome over and over again. It's just not my style.  However, I explained to Gram and Eliza what it was.  I let them know that Chambers probably would do things a bit later than some of her peers.  SOmething things she would be right up to where they were and somethings not.

I did however briefly talk about using the word.  I said its just not a nice word and when they hear someone say it, they need to politely say, "Please don't say that word!"

Well he listened.  He heard and I am so proud.  It was an adult that did say it. It was a friend of ours that did say it.  Did he mean it in a mean way---NO!  It just came out.  Would we have thought anything of it an year ago?  NO!

At the point I heard my son say politely, "please don't say that word."  I have NEVER been more proud!  He was kind and well mannered, but he knew what we all know...that that word needs to be removed from our daily language.

Gram, on this 3rd day of February--Mama couldn't be more proud of you standing by your baby sister--and having your first BIG BROTHER MOMENT!!  She may not ever know that you did that--but you  just in that one moment paid it forward and made mommy very proud!!

cutest almost nine year old around!!

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