Friday, February 1, 2013

February the month of Tracy

so a few things bring this month to me...

1. Of course my birthday.  I will be 43--say it isn't so. I cannot believe that the little girl who idolized her brother--still does by the way--shhhh.  The person who drove by random guys houses incognito in college..shhhh and the girl that kept her prize blanket and mousey until she got her own dog--is going to be 43.

How is this so? I can't keep a straight face when my kids do silly things.  I sing and play music really loud..still.  I can't find the time to truly be an adult--so how is it that I am one?

2.  February 9--the day our aha moment came crashing into us.  This is the day that we found out about Chambers.  Our lives would be greatly changed.  Then I could not understand why this was happening.  Now---well I can't get anything done because I want to hold and kiss her all the time!

3.  Mercedes Marathon..I will be running the relay this year--but if any day out of the year is exciting its this one.  Having been the previous chairperson in the Service Guild, it means a lot to run this as a parent.  It also means a lot to run it with my HUSBAND!  Yes, we will both be turning that corner and racing in to hear our named called supporting who...CHAMBERS!

February is a grand month--its the month of me!!  I am sure I will think of more reasons why I love this month but right now I am just relishing the fact that I get a whole weekend to celebrate with family and good friends!

Now as for the last month--the month of Eliza--enjoy some of her pics from her monthly claim!

Happy 7th!!
hmmm..what's inside?

best friends about to get the surprise of their lives!!

and the party continues!

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