Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Holiday Holiday

Party of Five
Fresh baked brownies scent fills the room, Santa Paws on the TV, Christmas lights around the house, and happy well almost happy children following me everywhere I go.  The signs of the holidays are upon us.  The time when we get crazy busy and feel like we can never get anything done is here!  I promise myself that I will not get there this year.  I promise that I will enjoy every moment that I have with each and everyone that is in my life and I am in theirs.

Yes, Jesus does LOVE you!!
Is that possible?  I hope --this Christmas is different--it feels different.  I don't mind that it is different--I embrace it.  I want the craziness to come upon my family.  However, I want to focus on what the true meaning is.  Yes, we still will get presents but I want to embrace the fact that WE were giving this special gift from God. I still haven't quite figured out why God chose us, but He did.  This gift brings each and everyone that she touches to tears.  Not sure why but her smile lights up a room.  He giggles bring giggles even to the most serious person.  When you hold this gift she makes your heart pound out of your chest.  I find myself not getting anything done because I want to hold her all day long!!!
Sibling LOVE

I think one reason she was given to us is to slow things down.  If you looked at the laundry in my house you would see that the has helped me not feel like everything has to be perfect!  I find myself getting stressed when I get behind, but then I look at her at forget all about it.
Our Gift!!!

Sweetest love!
She has no idea what she has got herself into!!
So this brings me back to the Christmas season...I am going to embrace the graciousness, the love, and the feeling of the Christmas spirit.  I want to take a look at what we truly have--and what we could lose at any second--and be thankful what we are here with each other.  Drop the feelings of stress toward family members and friends, and take a second to breathe and enjoy what God has given us.

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