Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pit in my stomach

I am sure everyone out there has this same feeling as I do.  The pit in their stomach that just lingers, the feeling that we are so lucky, or the feeling that it could happen to us.  I did not know about the CT incident until sitting in the car pool line yesterday afternoon.  Then somehow have become obsessed with feeling as though I should do something.

Prayer filled my mind last night as I sat in anguish watching how things unfolded. I watch several news stations that just couldn't get it right.  Either they were too dramatic or they just could not grasp the reality of what had occurred.  Then this morning they got it right--it sank in to me how awful it would be to wake up and your children just not be there.  They were not away on a trip or spending the night with a friend, but would never be coming home.

Although there are times when my children are a little too hyper or a little too much for me to handle--I embraced every minute with them last night.  We baked cookies, created a gingerbread house, and just relished in the fact that we were together.

I couldn't wait to wake them up this morning and just hang out.  I feel happy that we are together but still feel a pit in my stomach that cannot be removed.  I really just can't imagine what those sweet parents are going through this morning and all day.  Most probably haven't even seen their child since this incident and probably won't for a bit longer.  The brave teachers, counselors, custodians, and other staff that handle this all so well.

As we go into the Christmas season with so much to be thankful for, we need to focus on the fact that we all can come together and create an atmosphere of gratitude and love.  I challenged my children to "pay it forward".  Not a huge gesture but a gesture that will make someone think--I can do that for the next person.  I explained to them that when we do nice things, simples things, for people that it makes others feel special.

My thought for this post is just to be thankful and grateful for what we have. Simply spread the thankfulness to others and see how far we can take it!!

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